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Religious activity snapshots
Activity Ė Cults at the Timişoara Cathedral - visit of the Foundationís leadership - 1999 Representants of the Foundation at the Sanctification of the Boteşti Church - Argeş Participation of the Foundationís leadership at the Sanctification of a church in Vaslui District - built with the contribution of the Foundation Discussions about the reconciliation between religions - at the Israel Embassy - Vice-President Rene Broscăreanu and Mr. Ambassador of Israel in Bucharest
Visit of the Foundationís Presidents at Cişmigiu Church Delegation of the OMENIA Foundation at Jerusalem welcomed by IPS Vincenţiu Grifonie Sanctification of the Church in Vaslui district rebuilt with the attending of the OMENIA Foundation, sanctified by IPS Daniel Bishop of Moldavia and Bucovina, President of Honour of the OMENIA Foundation - 2000 Sanctification of a church in Moldavia with the participation of Mr. Prime Minister Radu Vasile - Member of Honour of the OMENIA Foundation
Meeting between the OMENIA Foundationís leadership and the PP Teoctist at the Patriarchal Palace, Cult Reconciliation IPS Bishop Nifon, Member of  Honour of OMENIA Laying garlands at the Heroesí Cemetery in Timişoara Laying garlands, leadership of the OMENIA Foundation, at the Heroesí Cemetery in Timişoara
Leadership of the OMENIA Foundation with Lord Braine of Wheatley during a visit at the Allhappy Teoctist Patriarch - 1997