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“We are joined to this ancestral land by: nostalgia, soul song and kindness”
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The projects of the International Foundation OMENIA

Social Activities
Christmas Tree in Bucharesti, Argeş, Oneşti-Bacau, Vâlcea, Children's Day, 11 scholarships, 11 studentships and over  2,000 social aids for old , sick people, young people with special needs..


Cults Program
Reception for the handing-over of the Post-Mortem diplomas to the great personalities, members of honor of the International Foundation OMENIA.(2006).

HSF Teoctist, His Grace. Antonie Plămădeală, Ţicu Victor, H.S. Constantin Galeriu, Ion Raţiu, Corneliu Coposu, Amedea Lăzărescu, Mihai Lădaru, Vasile Văcaru, Ilie Verdeţ, Ţicu Puiţa, Ion Negrea, Felicia Meleşcanu, gen. Teodor Paraschiv, Ilie Fonta, Elena Bărbulescu, Dima Câmpeanu, Ion State.


A tribute and eternal rest to the Saint Patriarch   Teoctist, a member of honor of the International Foundation Omenia.

Inhuming of His Royal Highness the Prince Carol Mircea at Cozia, (August 11th,  2007) which was done by the participation of the International Foundation OMENIA.


Cultural Activities
Visit and show in CALATAYUD (Spain) during July 27th -29th,  2007. The delegation was made up by Marcel Florea (President' Adviser),  Alina Sorescu (Youth Vice-President), Nicolae Ştefan (General Secretary), Ion Finichi (President' Adviser), Princess Lia of Romania (Vice-President), His Royal Highness the Prince Paul of Romania  (Member of Honor).

    Shows in Romania and abroad of the Omenia band from Oneşti and International Omenia Chorus of Saint Pantelimon of Constanta Archbishop.  

Echologic Activities
The program "Codiţă and Bobiţă", taking care, sterilization and adoption of the masterless dogs.

Education Activities
Scholarships and studentships

      Co-operation related to all the projects with organizations in the country and abroad.

      The Foundation's activities are mainly based on voluntary works, personal example and social education.